Our Wines

Our wines can be classified into three categories:

  • Village wines: they come from various plots from different vine growers, as well as other plots of our property. They are vinified separately and assembled before bottling. In this line we produce our wines 7 Fuentes, El Lance, Medianías and Trenzado.
  • Single vineyard wines: they come exclusively from specific plots in the property known as Finca El Esquilón. They are vinified and bottled separately, resulting in wines like La Solana, Candio, El Esquilón, El Chibirique, Los Pasitos and Vidonia, which get their name from the plots from which they come.
  • Special vinifications: Suertes del Marqués Blanco Dulce (Sweet White) and Suertes del Marqués Tinto Dulce (Sweet Red).